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VRA News - 2018


Amendment to Standard Shooting Rules

The following amendment to Standard Shooting Rules has been approved and will become effective as from 1st March 2018.

Rule The weight of the rifle with all attachments excluding the sling shall not exceed 7 KG.
Rule The minimum trigger pull shall be 500 gms (1/2 KG).

Rule 20.11.1 The minimum trigger pull shall be 500 gms (1/2 KG).


Sad news on the passing of Gavin Dundas

Gavin was known across the target shooting community as he was always taking range prizes but not too many aggregates in prize shoots across Victoria. He was best known as leader of the Merton, then the ECDRA teams and a very familiar face handing out the prizes at the annual prize shoot. This was quite a task when they had five targets going flat out. There were 76 entries at the last Merton Easter Monday Prize shoot. As well as this there was the Queen’s Birthday prize shoot in June. Along with his wife, Pam, Gavin ensured there was always had a good feed at lunch, morning and afternoon tea. One of the quiet men who put-in to make his club run so well over so many years.

Gavin was the president of the No7 DRA (later to be known as the ECDRA) then the first president of the ECDRA inc. and held that position for over 20 years. A great mate and worker for rifle shooting, Gavin you will be sadly missed. You are an inspiration to so many, farewell old friend.


Sad news - Passing of Laurie Crouch

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the passing of Laurie Crouch aged 99 years and 1 month. Laurie was a real gentleman who contributed a lot to our sport especially in the development of our Junior shooters.

Although he has been unable to shoot for a number of years he maintained a keen interest in shooting and sponsored the Ruth Crouch Memorial at the Queens for many years.

Laurie still shooting TR in 2010


Sad news on the passing of Don Doig

A sad loss to our sport and Wangaratta Rifle Club in particular.

Don was a Life member of the Wangaratta Rifle Club, a life Member of the VRA and a past Council member.

Don was President of the VRA from 1998 - 2000 and Vice Chairman from 2001-2002. He gave generously of his time and gave a lot back to the sport he loved.
Unfortunately he has suffered poor health for the last few years and was seldom able to make it out to the range. He will be greatly missed by all his Club mates.


Farewell Graham

Shooters, Graham’s wife Arna, family and friends gathered at 500yds during the Warrnambool Marathon to send down a parting shot for Graham Dyson.

Geoff Youl & Geoff Grenfell spoke about Graham’s contribution to shooting and his role in securing and developing this new Warrnambool range.

At the end of the short service Graham’s Grandchildren launched a huge bunch of balloons. Warrnambool’s weather didn’t disappoint, and as is often the case the wind was blowing strongly and they soon disappeared from sight.

Graham represented Victoria and Australia in both Target Rifle & Match rifle. He was one of Australia’s best coaches. He fought a long, hard battle with cancer, but managed to continue as a Coach of the Victorian Veteran’s and Match rifle teams until quite recently.

Graham also served a number of terms as a VRA Councillor. In fact he had just come out of retirement and been re-elected to Council when he passed away.

He will be greatly missed.