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Established 1860

Portland Rifle Range



The Victorian Rifle Association governs the operation of rifle ranges and target shooting clubs throughout Victoria. The sport allows licensed shooter to use target rifles in competition at distances from 300 to 1000 yards. The disiplines of Target Rifle and F Class (using scopes) are both enjoyed by Members.

Membership: New members receive a discount when joining the VRA and pro-rata memberships are also available. For more information see Memberships or phone 03 5449 3153 or email

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Upcoming Prize Meetings

No 5 DRA Open Prize Meeting at Karramomus on 1st August - Range Map

Karramomus Open Prize Meeting at Karramomus on 2nd August


VRA Latest OPM Results : Warracknabeal - Aggregate


VRA Annual General Meeting for 2015

The Annual General Meeting will be held on the 17th October at the Wellsford Rifle Range

Start time will be 2:30 pm or as soon as practicable after the DRA teams shoot, whichever is the latter.

Any member wishing to bring special business (or 'notices of motion') for consideration at the AGM must submit the motion in writing, including rationale in support of the motion, to the Executive Officer by midday Wednesday 26th August 2015.

Nominations are now called for the following Council vacancies:

Deputy Chairman


Councillors (3)

Nominations are to be delivered to or posted to be received by the Executive Officer on or before midday on Wednesday 26th August 2015.
Nominations must be on the form provided by the VRA (available on request). Nominees may also submit a resume of qualifications, experience and/or skills, not exceeding 150 words, for enclosure with ballot papers.


VRA Operations Update

Just a reminder that the VRA Office & Shop are both open at the following times.

Monday 9am – 4pm
Tuesday 9am – 4pm
Wednesday 9am – 3pm

The Shop Manager is Mark Sewell. We are very lucky to have Mark. He is very knowledgeable about firearms and shooting in general. His hours are 9am – 4pm Monday & 9am – 3pm Tuesday. If possible place your orders with him either by phone 5449 3153 or email There is a lot of new stock ordered for the Shop, so if you have been waiting on something it should be back in stock soon.

VRA Office
Executive Officer, Brett Thurtell is also a very keen Rifle Shooter and well known around Australia. Brett has picked up all aspects of his role amazingly quickly making a fairly smooth transition to new Office staff. Brett can be contacted on 5449 3153 or . His hours are 9am – 4pm Tuesday and 9am – 3pm Wednesday.

Could people wanting to contact the VRA use the email address that will best suite their purpose.

As well as Brett & Mark there are a number of volunteers who are also helping in the Office to keep your Association running – Ken Reither, John & Leonie Branton, Morrie Jackman & myself, Robyn Jackman are there so you may get an email from us or get to talk to us on the phone.


Urgent Safety Notice

An accident on 4 July 2015 at Bisley, fortunately resulting in only minor injury, has highlighted a safety issue.
All owners of modern target, match and F class rifles are to check that it is not possible for any part of the stock to foul any part of the firing mechanism.

Click here to download the Safety Notice.


Rule Interpretations - New FTR Rules

The new FTR Rules recently posted in the SSR’s have caused a few queries.

They are a direct copy from the ICFRA Rules and unfortunately not very explicit.

After discussions with ICFRA F Class Rules Committee, the NRAA has updated the SSR's to 4.0 (c) which makes some rulings and goes into more depth.

Details here


NRAA latest issue of the SSR'S - 1st July 2015

The latest NRAA SSR’s effective as at 1st July 2015 are now in force.

Version is 4.0 (c)

NRAA news release


June 1987




NRAA Policy on the Future of F Class

Rule Interpretations - New FTR Rules

NRAA SSR's July 2015

Latest News on the NRAA National Grading System

NRAA Member Upate 41

F Class MACE CUP to be added to NRAA Queens

F/TR SSR Extract


From the Council - Latest

New Executive Officer, VRA Fees, Queens update

Updated 26/03/2015


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