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The Victorian Rifle Association governs the operation of rifle ranges and target shooting clubs throughout Victoria. The sport allows licensed shooter to use target rifles in competition at distances from 300 to 1000 yards. The disciplines of Target Rifle and F Class (using scopes) are both enjoyed by Members.

Membership: New members receive a discount when joining the VRA and pro-rata memberships are also available. For more information see Memberships or phone 03 5449 3153 or email vra@vra.asn.au

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To contact the Victorian Rifle Association

General enquiries - email : vra@vra.asn.au

All Shop enquiries - email : shop@vra.asn.au


Scores from the DRA teams weekend can be located under results victorian champ.


Upcoming Prize Meetings

Rosedale sweepstale 3/12/2016

Lois Osborn Memorial 1000 Yds 4/12/2016

No. 11 DRA PM 14/01.2017



No 5 DRA Open Prize Meeting - Agg

Karramomus Picnic Shoot - Agg



Victorian Rifle Association to upgrade facilities

The Victorian Rifle Association will be upgrading its headquartes at the Wellsford Rifle Range with improvements worth nearly $550,000

Bendigo Advertiser article here


James Corbett wins Grand Aggregate at Bisley

Congratulations to James for winning the NRA Imperial Meeting Grand Aggregate at Bisley by two points from David Calvert.

Prince of Wales final range - James Corbett: VVV,55V,5V5,VV5,5VV - 75.9


Australia wins the Overseas Match

Congratulations to the Australian Team competing in Bisley, winning gold in the Overseas Match

Happy Victorian Members - Rob Sandlant, Owen Henry, Peter Maher, Andrew Powell, James Corbett and Barry Wood



NRAA Membership

Where are we Now, and Where to from Here?

The NRAA has asked George Wittorff to assist in a voluntary role as advisor on membership matters.
Georges' role is to assist the NRAA in attracting new members and retaining existing members.

George would like all Members to read the linked article blow in the hope that an awareness of the current situation will stimulate discussion, and hopefully action at the Club and individual level.

NRAA Membership Issues No 1


How to shoot 1,000 yards with no scope

Stickledown Range at Bisley plays host to a match between dozens of shooters capable of hitting a target 1,000 yards away - and they don't use rifle scopes. It is the Inter-Counties match.

Link to video



NRAA SSR's May 2016

Proposal to Change Format of Interstate F Class Teams Matches

F Class Team Captains 2016 and 2017

NRAA National Ranking System

NRAA Policy on the Future of F Class

Rule Interpretations - New FTR Rules

NRAA Member Upate 42

F/TR SSR Extract

NRAA Calendar 2016


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2016/17 Membership fee structure

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