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Welcome to the home page of the Victorian Rifle Association

The Victorian Rifle Association governs the operation of rifle ranges and target shooting clubs throughout Victoria. The sport allows licensed shooter to use target rifles in competition at distances from 300 to 1000 yards. The disciplines of Target Rifle and F Class (using scopes) are both enjoyed by Members.

Membership: New members receive a discount when joining the VRA and pro-rata memberships are also available. For more information see Memberships or phone 03 5449 3153 or email vra@vra.asn.au

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To contact the Victorian Rifle Association

General enquiries - email : vra@vra.asn.au

All Shop enquiries - email : shop@vra.asn.au


Upcoming Prize Meetings


Victorian Prize Meeting Results

No 11 DRA Open Prize Meeting on the 13th January at Werribee

Port Campbell Open Prize Meeting on the 1st January 2018 at Port Campbell

Summer by the Sea - The Short Ranges on the 31st December at Warrnambool

Summer by the Sea - Jim Cue Memorial Marathon on the 30th December at Warrnambool

Summer by the Sea - The Long Ranges on the 29th December at Warrnambool

Summer by the Sea - South West Championship on the 28th December at Warrnambool


PORT Campbell Rifle Club – Current holders of five shields

PORT Campbell Rifle Club president Alan Blain knows just how difficult it is to win one shooting shield.
But what he still can’t fathom is how the rifle club managed to be in possession of five of the most prestigious rifle shooting shields in Victoria.

Remarkably, the small club of enthusiastic shooters have won all five of the shields on offer in the past 12 months, a feat that may have never been achieved before.
“The club has five shields from the Western District year and these shields have been competed for well over 100 years,” Mr Blain said.
“It’s quite a challenge and a thrill; we’re quite pleased to have them.”

The five shields include the Corangamite shield which commenced in 1903, Warrnambool Citizen’s shield in 1907, and the Camperdown Rifle Club Challenge shield in 1925.
The Rifle Clubs Union Challenge shield and the J Eldridge shield are the remaining two shields and they were first held in 1951 and 1958 respectively.

Mr Blain said that while the club was aware of the magnitude of their achievements over the past 12 months, it hadn’t been an easy process.
“It could be the first time in the competition that a club has held all five shields in a 12 month period,” he said.
“It’s been extremely difficult to hold one shield, let alone five, so we must be doing something right.”

Mr Blain said that each competition was unique.
“Each shield is a different competition. The competition for the Corangamite Challenge shield is held on one day and involves ten shots over 300, 500 and 600 yard distances in a coached team of six,” he said.
“The four best scores go towards the final score.”

Mr Blain said the importance of the coach was not to be underestimated, as their role helped shooters complete the task at hand.
“The coach’s job is to effectively follow the wind and mirage and work with the shooter to hit the middle of the target and get the best score,” he said.

The club’s quest to retain the coveted Corangamite shield will be held on home turf this year, with that event scheduled to be held in March.

Meanwhile, the rifle club will return to shooting at the club range this weekend.
“This Sunday afternoon from 12pm, anyone wanting to have a go is welcome to come and try full-bore rifle shooting at Port Campbell,” Mr Blain said.

Anyone wanting to view the shields can do so via a display at Heytesbury District Historical Society.

Back Row:       Russall Lenehan, Peter Doolan, Neil Gamble, Wes Eldridge
Front Row:       Allan Blain, Paul Jeffery’s, Henry ( Dog ), David Roberts


Farewell Graham

Shooters, Graham’s wife Arna, family and friends gathered at 500yds during the Warrnambool Marathon to send down a parting shot for Graham Dyson.

Geoff Youl & Geoff Grenfell spoke about Graham’s contribution to shooting and his role in securing and developing this new Warrnambool range.

At the end of the short service Graham’s Grandchildren launched a huge bunch of balloons. Warrnambool’s weather didn’t disappoint, and as is often the case the wind was blowing strongly and they soon disappeared from sight.

Graham represented Victoria and Australia in both Target Rifle & Match rifle. He was one of Australia’s best coaches. He fought a long, hard battle with cancer, but managed to continue as a Coach of the Victorian Veteran’s and Match rifle teams until quite recently.

Graham also served a number of terms as a VRA Councillor. In fact he had just come out of retirement and been re-elected to Council when he passed away.

He will be greatly missed.


Australian Target Rifle Magazine

Issue 132 January/February 2018


Victorian Queens Series - 2018

Syme 18th & 19th April

Queens 20th to 22nd April