The Victorian Rifle Association governs the operation of about 50 rifle ranges and target shooting clubs throughout Victoria. Most types of centre-fire rifles are catered for with targets shot at from distances of 300 to 1000 yards.

Membership: New members receive a discount when joining the VRA and pro-rata memberships are also available. For more information see Memberships or phone 03 5449 3153 or email

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Upcoming Prize Meetings

Easter at Glenrowan - 19 and 20th April

ECDRA Easter Monday Prize Shoot - 21st April

Anzac at the Marsh - 25th April



Notice of Meeting - The VRA Annual General Meeting will be held on 18th October 2014.


Victoria wins the Merrett Teams Match 2014

With a score of 1957.193 Victoria has won the Merret Teams match for 2014.

Back row: Brett Thurtell, David Black, Greg Tomorad, Keith Toh, Keirin McCamley, Peter Maher

Middle row: John McDiarmid, John Kiefer, Tony Barker, Geoff Grenfell, Barry Wood, David Brewster

Front row: Susan Ryan, Rob Sandlant, Geoff Doig



VRA Classic Military Rifle Shoot

Lucy Pearce from Kyneton Rifle Club competed in her first shooting competition on the 22 February 2014 at Bendigo VRA Wellsford Rifle Range participating in the ‘Classic .303 Range Rifle and Military Rifle Shoot.

Lucy is 13 years old and she won the Junior Prize Award of a .303 Range Rifle by using her Grandfathers’ 1917 SMLE .303 rifle (armoured by Peter Hallett) which she is holding in the photograph.





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