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VRA News - 2016


Victorian Rifle Association to upgrade facilities

The Victorian Rifle Association will be upgrading its headquartes at the Wellsford Rifle Range with improvements worth nearly $550,000

Bendigo Advertiser article here


Passing of Cedric Appleby

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Cedric Appleby after a short illness.

Cedric was a long time Member of the VRA and the Maryborough Rifle Club. (49 Years)

Many people will remember Cedric for his ready willingness to be available as a Butts Officer or Marker.

He will be greatly missed..

His funeral was held on Friday 15th July.


Shooters go back to school

Over 50 long range target shooters from East Central District Rifle Association, Katandra, Karramomus, Nagambie, Wangaratta and Wodonga Rifle clubs  gathered at the Glenrowan Rifle Range to learn about their new Electronic target systems.  First order of the day was to locate the new target systems delivered during the week and get each clubs equipment loaded and ready for shipping to their home range. The difference in targets was very evident as they require customs made legs and each weigh nearly 80kg.  The loading went without a hitch and then it was back to basics - but how does this system work?  The Hex System team began at the butts and step by step everyone was involved in mounting the targets and setting up the electronics including the wireless local area network.  

Time for some food and the Wangaratta Rifle Club were ready with hot food and a cuppa. Then the hard bit, how to hook up all the computer system back at the shooting mound.  The team from Hexta systems soon showed that many of the concerns the shooters had about the complexities and "will I break it?” were gone and it in no time at all the range was ready for live firing. 

Geoff Doig and Richard Wall were the first to fire on the new system at 600m.  This proved to be a lighter part of the day as the shooters started with their sights on 600 yards.  The first shoots were low but the shooters were quickly on target and the first scores are on the “monitor”   and in the “ Club System”.  There was time for a second round of shooting before returning to the club rooms, a cuppa and the “tally up” of the shooting scores.   The final step in the new system was to ensure that the scores were transferred into the host system so that the results could be seen all around the world on the internet.   As the day closed the Club administrators were introduced in the management  and the maintenance of the system.  As the last of the batteries were unplugged and the final “off" switches pushed it was time to go home.  

For those interested, the results from the Wangaratta shoot on May 29 can be found at http://www.hexsystems.com.au/  under "HEXTA online data base" on the top right hand corner of the home page, choose clubs and search for Wangaratta, once found click on Wangaratta and the results can be seen on the right hand side of the page.  If you click on the shooters name you can see the actual plot of each shoot.

Back at the East Central District Rifle Association Inc.  next week will be the direct opposite  when the club holds a 303  shoot with pre 1957 targets so if you have a 303 and would like to revisit the rile shooting in the 1950’s please come to Violet Town next Saturday June 4 starting at 11:00am.  There will be two classes one for military sights and one for target sights.  New shooters are most welcome.

The first step was to mount the new target legs and here the Hex System team are explaining the next series of steps to get that target in place and mount the associated electronics. Glenrowan turned on a picture postcard perfect for the training day.

Richard Wall in the foreground and Geoff Doig in the back ground firing the first shots on the new Electronic targets at the Glenrowan range at 600m. In the top right hand corner is the monitor that shows the exact stake of the bullet on the target and shows the appropriate score - along with a number of other features.


Passing of John Read

John Read

7/10/32 – 16/1/16

Rifle shooters were well represented at John’s funeral.

For those people who were unable to attend John’s funeral, here are a few notes from the Eulogy delivered by John’s son, Jim.

John lived a very full life. He could put his hand to almost any job - motor mechanic, farmer, tree feller, welder etc etc. His community involvements were also many & varied.

However, John’s 2 main passions were fishing & shooting.
John helped form the Lilydale Small bore club and was the foundation captain.

He was also a keen member of the Lilydale rifle club and the Croydon Gun Club.
His shooting achievements include:

  • Victorian Small Bore Team
  • Australian Veterans Rifle Team
  • Captain of Merton Rifle Club
  • Coach of the Regional Shooting team to State champions

It has been said that he was the Coach of all coaches.

John will be greatly missed by his wife, Pauline, sons – Daryl, James & Barry, many grandchildren & Great grandchildren and of course the members of ECDRA and all his many friends.

Farewell John Read alias “The Silver Fox” and  A good bloke.


Safekeeping of firearms when being transported in vehicles

Victoria Police have updated guidelines for firearms transport in an effort to introduce best practice when moving guns around in public.

The information below has been developed to provide firearm licence holders a guide on how firearms and ammunition should be transported in most circumstances.

Storage and Safekeeping Requirements for Firearms

In most circumstances firearms should be transported in the following manner:

  • Firearms should be transported in a padded cover or hard case, unloaded and preferably rendered inoperable; 
  • While being transported, firearms and ammunition should be kept out of sight and stored in separate receptacles that are either secured to the inside of you vehicle or in a lockable component of your vehicle; and
  • Cartridge ammunition should be stored separately from the firearms in a part of the vehicle not readily accessible by an unauthorised person. A lockable glove box would suffice provided the key to the glove box is kept securely by the holder of the firearm licence and cannot be accessed by persons unauthorised to possess ammunition or firearms.

Licence holders should exercise a common sense approach to storage when transporting their firearms and be mindful of all of their obligations.

For further information, see the updated Firearms Newsletter, December 2015 from the Vic Police LRD.

A message from the Acting Superintendent

Recent guidelines, discussions on the safe keeping of firearms and ammunition when being transported have caused some concerns.

Firearm industry newsletter December 2015