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ECDRA Local News

ECDRA Easter Monday prize shoot a great success

The Violet Town range of the East Central District Rifle Association was at full capacity as 37 precision shooters from Victoria and New South Wales, in seven different classes, contested the annual Easter Monday prize shoot. The brilliant Autumn weather brought with it a breeze that proved to quite a challenge at both the 300 and 600 yard ranges. Two of the ECDRA’s newest shooters Des Coulter and Marty Kelly took on the challenge, despite the fact that they had been members for less than two weeks.
For the ECDRA Des Coulter won first place in F class Standard B grade at 300yards with a 58.5. Jack Muir was at his consistent best and with 58.3 and 57.2 and a total score of 115.5 won F class standard B and was top score for the ECDRA. Geoff James got off to a steady start but at 600 yards his experience in reading the conditions shone through as he top scored (inches class) with a 58.3. Despite the challenging conditions Noel Uren (60,.5 at 300 yards), Tony Barker 50.9 (300yards)Peter Daldy 50.4,(300 yards), Neil Gamble (60.2 300 yards), John Branton (50.7 600 yards) all shot the maximum score for their class. It was Peter Daldy from Karramomus Club who stole the show with the best score of the day of 99.5 only one point of the maximum score of 100.10 in his Target Rifle class. Vaughn Murphy (ECDRA) as range officer, ensured that the day ran like clockwork and the visitors enjoyed their day, thanks Vaughan. The competitors did not have to share in the marking as Rosco Davis, Richard Godden and Graeme Kerr marked targets for the entire match a great effort and a task that was much appreciated by all shooters. This year Robert Chaffe had the assistance of Alan Wright in the office and for the first time the results from the shoot were posted on the internet as soon as the range was completed. This ensured that the results were available anywhere in the world before the first visitors were finished their afternoon cuppa. The visiting shooters complemented the ECDRA on the range facilities including the excellent targets as well as the hospitality and the very welcome cuppa available throughout the day. Many are planning to return next year.

The results (full results on the NRAA web site) for the Prize shoot were:
300 yards - Target Rifle A grade Tony Barker 50.9, B grade Peter Daldy 50.4, C grade Garry Mull 44.2, F Standard A grade Noel Uren 60.5, F Standard B grade Des Coulter 58.5, F Open G. Warrian, 58.1 FT/R Jason Li 57.5.

Opening shots at 300 yard Mound Second from the bottom of the image is Jack Muir who won F Standard second from the top FT/R winner Rolf Carpeggiani.

A study in concentration at the Violet Town ECDRA range 600 yard shooting mound with Jack Muir (centre) keeping score for Des Coulter ( the left hander in the middle,his first ever 600 yard shoot)

600 yards - Target Rifle A grade John Branton 50.7, B grade Peter Daldy 49.1, C grade Brian McKenna 47.4 F standard A grade Richard McRae 56.4, F Standard B grade Geoff James 58.3 and F Open G Warren 58.3

Aggregate winners:
Target Rifle A grade Tony Barker 98.12, B grade Peter Daldy 99.5, C grade Brian Mc Kenna 88.5,

F Standard A grade Noel Uren 116.5,

F Standard B grade Jack Muir 115.5,

F Open G Warrian 116.4 and

FT/R Rolf Carpeggiani 108.2

Other Winners:
Two year aggregate 2015 2016 Shawn Tinkler 232.11

Easter aggregate (Ovens and Murray DRA and East Central DRA 2016) Tony Barker 271.32 ( possible score 275)

ECDRA highest Score: Jack Muir 115.5

Veteran: Peter Daldy 99.5

Super Veteran: Noel Uren 116.8

Junior Blade: Lacy 81.2


ECDRA VRA Medal and Spoon 2015


A group of very happy marksmen after a very exciting and challenging match at the Violet Town Range. Left to right Doug Moser, Matt Frazer, Geoff James, Vaughan Murphy, Andrew Braden, Graeme Kerr (with the Terrible Tankard ) and Jack Muir. The score board shows the scores at 600 yards. The X (F Class) and V (Target Rifle) scores indicate shots that landed in the very middle of the target.

Matt Frazer wins the VRA Medal, Graeme Kerrtakes the VRA spoon Terrible Tankard 
Matt Frazer , at his first shoot as a member of the East Central District Rifle Association, with 40.3, 42.3, 39 =121.6 took the ECDRA Victorian Rifle Association Medal at a tight match at Violet Town range on Saturday. 
Graeme Kerr with 41.2, 41.2, 42.3 =124.7 took the Terrible Tankard and the East Central District Rifle Association VRA Spoon.
The brilliant spring day was matched by some good shooting, even with the now notorious fickle Violet Town wind.  The format of the VRA Medal Shoot reflects the history of rifle shooting and involves seven scoring shots at 300, 500 and 600 yards and on the modern ICFRA targets makes the maximum score possible in F class 24.7 per range or a grand total 126.21  and in Target Rifle 35.7 per range and a grand total of 105.21. 

The Terrible Tankard is awarded to the best score for the VRA Medal shoot  in any class. The Tankard is a memorial to the Merton Rifle Club and the Range at Merton where many of the ECDRA members learnt the skills of the sport of precision long range target shooting. The match got off to a great start with Graeme Kerr shooting 41.2  just ahead of Jack Muir 41.2 on a count back and in Target Rifle Robert Chaffe 34.4  led the way.   Tension built as the match progressed to 600 yards when the match could have been won by anyone of five marksmen.  It was the last shooters for the day that decided the match with both Vaughan Murphy 42.1 and Graeme Kerr 42.3 and Robert Chaffe 35.1 scoring maximum points.  Regrettably for Vaughan he got off to a slow start at 300yards and for Robert who had a rough patch at 500 yards so they were out of contention. 

The consistency of the scores was a feature of the shoot with only three points separating the top 6 shooters. 
The results in F Class Graeme Kerr 41.2, 41.2, 42.3 =124.7, Jack Muir 41.2, 41.2, 41.2 =123.6, Vaughan Murphy 39.1, 42.3, 42.1 = 123.5 (the only double possible score for the shoot) Doug Moser 41.1, 40.1, 42.1 = 123.3, Geoff James 40, 41.3, 41.3 = 122.5 Matt Frazer 40.3, 42.3, 39 121.6, John Read 37.1, 39.1, 40.2 = 116.4 Norm Linehan 38.2, 39.1, 35 = 112.3. 
In Target Rifle Robert Chaffe 34.4, 27.3, 35.1 = 96.7 and Andrew Braden 28 at 300 yards then Andrew was forced to retire with ammunition problems. 


Local ECDRA team wins McAuliffe Shield

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SHIELD WINNERS: The winning ECDRA team celebrate winning the McAuliffe Shield (from back, left) Graeme Kerr, Vaughan Murphy and captain Robert Chaffe; (front) Geoff James, Norm Linehan, Rosco Davis and Jack Muir.

ON Saturday the local East Central District Rifle Association (ECDRA) team, with 896 points, won the McAuliffe Shield final against Nagambie 894 points, by just two points.
The results were consistent with the very strong performance by both teams all year, and belie the very difficult conditions of the match.
Although the day started in bright sunshine, by scheduled start time for the match at the Karramomus Rifle Range it had clouded over, and a strong variable cross wind had developed.  

This resulted in short periods of bright clear light, returning to dark and gloomy conditions, and as the match drew to a close at 600 yards the target rifle shooters were experiencing considerable difficulty in seeing the target clearly.

The wind was constantly changing in both speed and direction as it swirled across and down the range.

From the first shot it was clear that this was a very serious match, and it was Joe Melbourne from Nagambie who posted the first 60 for the day in F class.  

Joe went on to top score, in F class, with 60.6, 60.7, 59.5 for a match score of 179.18 out of a possible 180.30.


What a day, what a match as weather challenges shooters


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

THAWING OUT: Shooters at the Chas Hayes Long Range Pennant enjoy a well-earned afternoon tea after a challenging day on the range at Karramomus.

THE East Central District Rifle Association (ECDRA) team had second thoughts as they drove through hail, strong wind and driving rain on the way to the Karramomus Rifle Range on Saturday to contest the first round of the Chas Hayes Long Range Pennant over 800 and 900 yards.  

The forecast did not look good but there seemed to be a break in the weather for the early afternoon.  

Just as the shooters arrived at the 800 yard mound a rain squall sliced across the range, but after 10 minutes it was decided that the shower had passed and it was good enough to start.  

The leaden skies and strong fishtailing wind from behind the shooters proved to be testing to both shooters and wind coaches, but the worst of the weather held off and three possible scores were posted at 800yds.  

It was not long before things were stressed for the local team, as Andrew Braden found that his rifle had been damaged and he could not shoot.  

Braden was quick to make the best of a difficult situation by volunteering to mark targets for the rest of the match.


Mountain marksmen win the McAuliffe Shield

Robert Chaffe

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

GUN MARKSMEN: Shield wWinners: Jack Muir, Doug Moser, Terry Gee, Norm Linehan, Rosco Davis, John Read, Vaughan Murphy, Geoff James (president and acting captain), Andrew Braden, Graeme Kerr and Robert Chaffe.

THE East Central District Rifle Association Inc (ECDRA) team won the 2014 McAuliffe Shield in the final shoot at the Karramomus range last Saturday.

The ECDRA team were to shoot off against the Shepparton/Nathalia Gold team but regrettably they could not field a full team, but arrangements were made to shoot anyway.

Karramomus were hosts to the Parker Cup finals as well between Katandra and Shepparton/Nathalia Maroon, so with five clubs present on the range it was a hive of activity.

The morning began under clear skies and a little wind, and as the day progressed there was a gentle shower of rain and the light was continually changing as the clouds moved in from the west.

This changing light clearly was a challenge to the open sight target rifle shooters with those in the Parker Cup shooting on the wrong target.

The local ECDRA team set out on a mission to shoot a perfect score with their handicap and this was achieved with some outstanding shooting, including six possible range scores off rifle.